What is VoIP and How Can It Help My Business?

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) technology has made communication over the internet possible for many individuals and businesses. The system uses an internet connection instead of phone lines, compressing your voice into packets of data that are delivered to the call recipient, where they are converted back into sound.

A while back, these calls needed to be conducted from a computer with a headset. The technology has evolved, however, and now entrepreneurs can make VoIP calls from traditional adapter-enabled land-line phones or special VoIP phones that work as cell phones.

Huge Cost Savings

Compared to traditional phone and cell phone technologies, VoIP is a much cheaper alternative for making calls. The internet is making long-distance calling possible for a fraction of the traditional price. If you’re calling computer to computer, it’s often free.

If your small or medium business’ needs rely more on digital calling, a successful combination is possible within your existing data infrastructure, and you can still save money on calling costs.

More Features

When you think of VoIP, think of expanded features. This type of technology is quite different to the calling technology with which many people are familiar. It comes with many integrated features that are fantastic for businesses of all sizes.

For instance, you can receive voice-emails forwarded to your email address for easy access to messages. There is also the possibility of using virtual switchboards for better calls allocation, and so much more.

Location Free

If you are trying to target customers living on the other side of the globe, you can acquire a number with the necessary area code and you can still work from your usual headquarters.

On top of that, since all you need is an Internet connection to make calls, you can easily work from home or abroad as if you’re in the office. This neat benefit means that you won’t use up your cell phone data plan when traveling overseas.

Shorter Transfer Time

With VoIP, you can set your calls to ring on multiple devices at the same time. Pick up the call wherever you want. This avoids delays to customers and clients who will now be able to get in touch with you directly, wherever you are.

The activity of staff “switching clients over” to the relevant extension is a true waste of time. It also allows for errors to be made, which would result in client dissatisfaction. VoIP makes reaching the right individual pain-free.

Rise in Productivity

VoIP technology allows an organization’s employees to multi-task without interruptions, increasing the overall productivity. On top of that, VoIP offers the option of attaching documents, sharing data, conducting video conferences, or scheduling virtual meetings, all while enhancing the voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from or better than the traditional way of calling.

Advancements in VoIP technology guarantee less stress for staff and more productivity for any organization.

VoIP is a low-cost service that gives you and your business opportunities for increased flexibility and productivity. If your business suffers due to the usual technology complexities, and if your phone bills make you wince, choosing a good-quality VoIP provider may be the boost that your business needs.